AT&T announces $1.9 billion deal to sell its public relations department

AT&G announced Monday that it will sell its media operations to Verizon Communications.

The merger would be the largest acquisition in the company’s history.

The news comes as the two companies compete for consumers.

AT&I has struggled to regain its footing as the country’s largest wireless provider, with customers increasingly choosing Verizon.

Verizon has also been ramping up its marketing and advertising efforts in recent years.

The deal is expected to be finalized by the end of the year.

AT &G will also create a new media unit to serve its customers.

“We’re proud to take our role as the industry’s largest public relations company, and we are also proud to partner with Verizon to create a comprehensive and powerful brand that reflects the incredible talent, passion, and innovation of our customers,” AT&E Chief Operating Officer Mike Sievert said in a statement.

AT: ‘We are not going to give up’ to be a media company AT&Ts goal in the merger is to remain “a media company that provides value to its customers,” according to the company.

AT has struggled for years to regain a foothold in the consumer space, having struggled to retain customers after losing market share to cable TV giants Comcast and Time Warner Cable.

Verizon and AT&t are looking to improve their respective business lines.

Verizon will continue to sell television and Internet services, while AT&ts plan will focus on consumer devices.

The move comes as Verizon has been ramped up its advertising efforts and has added more than 1,000 media executives.

AT said that its media team will remain focused on providing consumers with the best online experience possible, including mobile devices and online gaming.

The new AT&TS group will also include executives who are “known and respected” by customers, the company said.

AT will also invest in technology that is “designed to serve our customers’ digital needs, including cloud-based digital solutions, the creation of a digital strategy, and more,” according the statement.

Verizon, which has struggled in recent months with a decline in its smartphone sales, has struggled with its network and network upgrades.

It recently announced that it would be laying off thousands of workers in an effort to cut costs and cut costs even more.

AT’s deal with Verizon is the latest in a series of moves that AT&Veris making to bolster its position in the wireless industry.

ATs new headquarters in Atlanta is home to a $3.3 billion headquarters complex, while the company is opening a new office in Las Vegas, Nevada, which will be called AT&V.

AT is also looking to build out its corporate social responsibility efforts in the U.S. AT also plans to open a new headquarters and office in Mexico City.

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