‘Bored’ and ‘stuck in a time warp’: LSE public relations

LSE Public Relations has been plagued by poor publicity in recent years, and is struggling to maintain its position as the premier public relations and public affairs university in the UK.

Its latest financial results, released on Wednesday, revealed the university is still struggling to recover from the global financial crisis and has fallen short of its targets to recover its deficit.

In its latest financial report for the period from April 2018 to March 2019, the university made a profit of £2.1m ($3.9m) in the year to March, but it has seen a huge fall in its profits, with a loss of £1.6m.

LSE has a reputation as a university where students can do their best work, but the university’s recent financial report revealed the school is struggling financially to keep up with the pace of change.

The University said it had reduced staff numbers by a third since the financial crisis, but its total debt was £17.5m, which it was unable to repay.

It has also reduced its budget to £5.9 million from £7.9million, and has cut staff numbers from 1,600 to 1,050 since it began operations in 2007.

With the budget cuts, LSE said it was facing a “significant risk of having to make a significant and costly capital expenditure in 2019-20”.

Lise Smith, head of public relations at LSE, said the cuts were part of the university “fiscal tightening”, but the organisation was still in a position to achieve its objectives.

“We have achieved a great deal in terms of reducing our debt, and as part of our efforts to make this financial situation more manageable, we have reduced our overall staff numbers and reduced the number of people working on our various projects, such as our new media centre and our new centre for student media,” she said.

Despite this, the report noted the university was still struggling with its finances, which have risen from £2m in 2020 to £9.9mn in 2019.

Smith said the university had recently reduced the staff on staff ratio from 5 to 4 to improve its financial position, but she added that this did not mean the organisation had reached its target to cut its staff numbers in 2019 by one third.

This year the university has also decided to cut staff in its Media Centre by 5%, Smith said, and its Media Hub will be closed in May 2019.

“We believe the need for a change of direction will not be met in 2019 and beyond, and we will continue to work towards improving the balance of our financial position,” she added.

‘A huge loss’ Lasse Smith, LSEE spokesperson, said that the university did not have enough staff to meet its target of reducing its staff by 1,000.

She said it would be hard to keep the staff numbers down as the university looked to increase the number and diversity of students in the future.

However, Smith said it made little sense for the university to cut the number or diversity of its staff, given that it had invested so much money in it.

And it would also be impossible to maintain the size and balance of its marketing and communications operations, she said, without making cuts to those areas.

But Smith said LSE was still hopeful it could be successful in reducing its deficit, because it would not be able to raise the money it needed to fund its budget without increasing staff numbers.

As a result, she added, LSA’s budget had been reduced by £1m since 2019, and the organisation would need to raise £2 million to continue to provide support to students and staff.

On a positive note, she told TechRadars that the overall student population was up by 8.8% to 7.4m.

“As part of this increase, we now have a higher proportion of students enrolled on our courses than ever before,” she explained.

More than half of all students enrolled in the University of Lille’s Media Hub had already taken a course, she explained, with only a minority taking one or more courses.

Students were also doing their best to improve their academic performance, which was supported by a surge in student engagement, which had doubled in the last three years, she noted.

Meanwhile, the number, quality and diversity scores of students’ work was increasing, she continued.

Student Engagement, a LSEE initiative to promote student engagement and engage students, was also continuing to grow, she confirmed.

While this is encouraging news, she admitted the university must continue to improve the number numbers of students it has in the Media Hub and to improve and maintain its support for students.

There are also a number of other issues, such a lack of student representation in the student government, she argued, and a lack on staff to support the university on its digital platforms. I’m

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