Camino public opinion poll: Public approval of Camino is rising

Opinion polls have been conducted for the first time in the last six months and the public’s approval of the Camino National Park is rising, with the survey revealing that 56 per cent of the population want to preserve the park, while 43 per cent would like to see it reduced.

According to the poll, a total of 7,073 people aged 18 and over responded to the questionnaire and they were asked about the following: how the park is run, how many visitors they would like in the park and how they would feel if they were to visit the park.

The results show that 55 per cent people would like the park to be maintained as it is today, while 41 per cent want it to be reduced in size, while 18 per cent said they do not want to see the park reduced in scale.

The survey also revealed that more people are now interested in visiting the park as they see it as a social activity.

The poll also found that 58 per cent think that the park has become more important to the local economy than it was before, with 39 per cent saying it has been, while 37 per cent do not think it has.

However, the survey also found there is a divide between those who would like it to remain as it was, and those who do not see it that way.

Sixty-two per cent believe that it should be preserved, while 38 per cent say that it has become less important to local economy and 42 per cent are not sure.

A total of 2,092 people were surveyed and those surveyed were asked: ‘How much do you think the park should cost to maintain?’

A total 49 per cent responded that it cost the park nothing, with 42 per in favour of it being maintained as is and 29 per in favor of it costing more.

The remaining respondents were asked ‘How important is it for the park’s survival to maintain as it currently is?’.

Sixty per cent agreed with the statement that maintaining the park was very important to their livelihood, with 44 per cent agreeing that it was important to maintain it as is.

Twenty-three per cent disagreed, with just 9 per cent disagreeing.

A further 8 per cent were unsure of the issue and this number also decreased significantly to 6 per cent.

A complete breakdown of the results can be found here.

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