Colts PR moves in ‘right direction’ after new contract with Amazon

Colts public affairs has been in a “right direction” following a recent contract with the internet retailer, the Indianapolis Star reported on Thursday.

The Star obtained the contract, which included a three-year extension, through a public records request, citing the contract.

The contract also contains a clause that says that the company is required to provide a list of employees who will be eligible for the job.

In addition, the company must include an explanation of the benefits it plans to provide to the public.

The company also must pay $5 million a year in severance and other benefits to each employee.

It also must submit a quarterly report to the state auditor and comply with a privacy policy.

It must notify the state within 24 hours of any changes in personnel, including those involving the termination of an employee.

Colts PR has been one of the most vocal proponents of the proposed $1.6 billion Amazon Echo smart speaker.

The $2.7 billion deal will replace the company’s Echo brand, which has been a hit with consumers.

The speaker has been the subject of several legal disputes, and the company has also come under fire from some lawmakers.

The state’s attorney general is investigating a $600 million wrongful termination suit filed by a former employee.

The latest contract will pay $4.5 million to the Indiana State Teachers Retirement System, according to the Star.

The news comes as other tech companies have begun moving in the same direction.

Twitter recently announced it will begin charging its users a $1/day subscription fee, which is a move that has been welcomed by many users.

Facebook recently began using the term “paid for” in advertising, and Amazon recently announced a plan to pay employees an annual $2,000 bonus.

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