‘Cordova Public Relations’ and the Politics of Self-Denial: An Interview with the Founder and Chief Executive of the Public Relations School at Hunter Public Relations

Cordova Public Media, founded in 2003 by former Hunter College President and Hunter College alumnus David K. Hunter, is the only private media organization in the country that has a dedicated and rigorous public relations program that aims to educate the public about public affairs and public policy.

“Cordovans Public Relations is a truly national-level organization, and the people who have been involved in the organization have built an amazing reputation for themselves,” says Hunter College president John A. Sargent, who was instrumental in getting the organization started.

“I have a deep respect for David K., and the fact that he has brought so many of his ideas to bear on the field of public relations is very impressive.”

The Hunter Public Affairs program, which began in 2003 as a college-level program, has grown to include more than 500 faculty members, including some of the most well-known public relations experts in the business, including former White House press secretary Ari Fleischer and former Fox News Chief Legal Correspondent Jim Acosta.

The program’s students have included such notable figures as Bill Clinton, Hillary Clinton, Vice President Joe Biden, President Donald Trump, and former U.S. President Barack Obama.

Cordovan Public Relations, which has a campus in Camden, New Jersey, offers a curriculum in public relations that is taught through online courses and online courses through the university’s online program.

The course, which covers topics including the intersection of politics and public relations and is taught by former Fox Business Network CEO Michael Smith, includes theses on national security, media, and media culture.

In addition, students take online courses on issues of concern to them, such as the importance of transparency in politics, and are able to earn certification from Hunter College as Public Relations Masters.

While Hunter College is the sole public relations school in the United States, it is not the only one offering public relations courses.

For example, Hunter College and the University of the Pacific in San Diego also offer online courses for their graduates.

But while Hunter College has been the primary provider of courses for public relations for nearly a decade, it has never had a formal public relations curriculum, as Hunter College’s students do not take classes that focus on public relations.

The goal of the Hunter Public Public Relations program, according to Sargents, is to “bring the public up to speed on how public affairs is conducted, how they get their news, and how they can change policy, and to make sure that we are getting our message across.”

Hunter Public Relations has also partnered with the United Press International to bring the Hunter School’s public relations to the United Nations.

The Hunter School has also developed its own program for students in the U.K. to take courses on how to write and deliver public relations content, as well as on how not to get into trouble with the law.

A Hunter Public Opinion, according a Hunter Public Schools press release, is a program designed to train, support, and mentor students in public affairs in order to improve their understanding of how public issues are managed, and ultimately their effectiveness.

In 2016, Hunter Public News, the school’s public affairs program, hosted a panel discussion on public affairs, hosted by The Wall Street Journal, which was co-hosted by The Huffington Post.

The panel featured experts in public policy, journalism, and public affairs.

When Hunter Public’s online public relations course, “Public Relations at a Crossroads,” was released in 2017, the panelist, Richard K. Cohen, said that the program was “not for everyone,” and that the purpose of the program is to develop “the best of both worlds.”

The panelist then noted that the Hunter College program “was designed to be for the public, and for the students and for Hunter.”

The program also includes a website for Hunter students to take classes, which can be accessed at http://www.hunter.edu/public-relations.html.

Sargent says Hunter Publics public relations education is “very different” than the Hunter Colleges public relations programs.

He says the program offers a “broad and deep knowledge of how the public relations industry works,” and is “not really geared toward the corporate or the professional market,” and he believes that the “real goal” is to teach “a broad and deep understanding of what it means to be a public servant, to understand what is required of us in public life.” 

“There’s nothing wrong with that,” he adds.

“If you want to understand public affairs at all, it’s the same thing.

There’s a huge gap between public relations as a profession and what we’re taught in the Hunter school.

There are no requirements, there are no credentials, there’s no training, there is no curriculum. And so

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