Highwire PR’s Twitter Account Has A Bad Twitter Account

A highwire PR firm has a bad Twitter account.

The account, @highwirePR, has tweeted out misleading, misleading, and offensive tweets, including one which claimed the US was launching a war on Christmas.

The tweet was deleted but the tweet has since resurfaced on Twitter and has received more than 30,000 retweets and 1,000 likes.

Highwire PR told Business Insider the tweet was made by a former employee and that the account is now shut down.

The company, which has offices in Washington DC and San Francisco, has also tweeted about a number of events in the past few days.

The firm tweeted that the #DayWithoutWomen was a “Day of Rage,” which was an apparent reference to the #BlackLivesMatter movement.

The tweets were deleted, but the account has since been re-tweeted by highwire.com, which describes itself as a media company that creates social media content for consumers.

The social media company has also retweeted the tweet and has been a prominent supporter of the #BLM, according to the tweet.

Highlighted tweets include tweets by @high_wire, which said the US would launch a war “on Christmas.”@highwirepr @highlightedmedia I know @highwaymichigan, and my friend @highwelch is working hard on a book called “Highwire” about the history of #BlackMatters in America.

Highwire has been trying to sell it for a while.

HighWirePR has also taken credit for a tweet that said the government had “tried to get me fired.”

HighwirePR did not respond to Business Insider’s request for comment.

A spokesperson for Highwire said the account had been terminated because it had been used to promote “a number of false and misleading tweets.”

“Highwire prc is currently suspending all services as we review all of our internal processes,” the spokesperson said in an email.

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