How a museum is reinventing public relations with online marketing

On a sunny day at the M.I.T. Pavilion, a man named Brian Molloy is a fixture in the crowd.

A former executive for eBay, he’s a veteran of the digital advertising industry.

He’s a self-described “social media expert,” and a key part of the museum’s digital strategy.

He speaks from experience.

When Molloys wife died in 2013, he bought the museum with her ashes and started a digital marketing company called Drexel Digital.

He also founded a marketing firm called Sling Media and has been a top paid speaker at conferences.

In fact, his LinkedIn profile shows he was paid more than $5 million in 2016 alone.

MollOY has spent the last few years building a digital company to help museums sell digital content to the public.

For years, museums have struggled to build a viable digital marketing business.

The problem is, Molloyalts digital marketing team is still working on the same problem that he did a decade ago: how to get the public to buy digital content.

And Molloyer’s solution: using social media and video ads.

It’s a strategy that has been successful in the past.

And now, it’s being used to sell the same kind of digital content at the Smithsonian National Museum of African American History and Culture.

“The challenge is, what’s the best way to get people to purchase digital content,” Molloya said.

“Is it video?

Is it social media?

Is there a digital strategy to get that digital content into the hands of people?”

In addition to the museum, the digital marketing efforts are being put to use at the National Museum’s Smithsonian Folklife Institute.

It is trying to make a digital video ad for the museum that has become a viral hit.

And while it’s an experiment, the museum has also been using social platforms like Twitter and Facebook to promote its exhibit on African-American history and culture.

Molls goal is to help museum museums expand their reach beyond their core audience.

“We have to reach out to people that haven’t heard about this before,” he said.

The digital marketing effort isn’t just limited to the Smithsonian, but also the National Mall, the National Archives, the Smithsonian Art Museum and the National Air and Space Museum.

The Smithsonian is already seeing the benefits of this approach, but it’s a different kind of marketing approach for museums that are building their own digital properties.

The National Museum is taking the lead in this effort and is working with companies like Aptiv, a digital media and advertising firm based in Washington, D.C., and Digital Content Partners, a global digital marketing firm based outside the United States.

But the Smithsonian has a unique opportunity because it is already in the midst of a digital revolution.

As digitalization continues to change the way people interact with museums, digital marketing is a key component of the way that museums operate.

“In the past, museums had to develop and build a brand identity,” said Jim Gant, managing director of digital marketing at the museum.

“They had to make that branding work, and now the museum is embracing this brand identity and it’s working,” Gant said.

Gant also sees a future in museum branding that is digital.

“There’s no longer going to be one, and that will allow us to build digital properties that are going to engage the public in the same way they’ve always done,” he added.

Museum branding is already starting to pay off for the Smithsonian.

Last year, the American Museum of Natural History launched a new online video campaign called “My Museum,” and the Smithsonian Museum in the American South launched a digital-only social media strategy called “Bubbles.”

While the Smithsonian is the first museum to experiment with digital marketing, the other Smithsonian museums have been experimenting with digital advertising for years.

Mums museum is also starting to experiment.

This fall, it launched a video ad campaign that is part of a larger social media push, including a series of tweets that have been retweeted more than 1.6 million times.

Muhsin Shah, the director of communications at the Museum, said that while digital marketing isn’t new for museums, it is a strategy they are taking seriously.

“What we’ve seen is that the public is increasingly using social networks and social media as a way to interact with their institutions,” Shah said.

In addition, Shah said, museums are increasingly looking to their digital resources to make sure they’re communicating with the public and that they’re getting the message out.

Shah said the Smithsonian museum has been using its digital strategy for some time, but the digital strategy has only recently become a focus for the museums.

“Now that we have a dedicated digital marketing strategy, we’ve got a lot of work to do to get to a place where we can be successful,” she said.

A few years ago, museums faced a major challenge: finding a way for their visitors to interact and create

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