How I stopped writing about the GOP for fear of being labelled a partisan?

From now on, I’ll be writing about what I see as the real issues facing the GOP and why they matter.

In my column, I’m going to explain why the party has lost the confidence of its own voters and what the GOP needs to do to regain its footing.

I started writing about how the GOP’s base is a shrinking demographic in January 2015.

“It’s not that the GOP lost the white vote,” I wrote at the time.

“The GOP lost white voters to the Democrats.

They lost white men to the left and the right.

The GOP lost them by losing the soul of the Republican Party.”

It’s been about two years since I wrote those words, and my writing has become even more partisan.

The Republican Party is a group of people who believe they have the right to vote for whomever they want.

This is the ideology that the Republican Congress has been using to pass legislation like the Affordable Care Act.

There’s a reason the GOP is able to pass health care reform and keep their majorities in Congress.

Republicans are also the party of big-government ideology.

It would be easy to label the GOP as the party that supports big government.

But, if the GOP were really interested in improving the lives of average Americans, it would also be the party to fight for policies that help people in the least advantaged parts of the country.

In the current climate, the GOP has failed to do so.

And that’s what this column is about.

I’m not trying to score political points.

Rather, I want to show that, despite their attempts to portray themselves as the anti-establishment party, the Republican party has no interest in improving people’s lives.

To do that, they need to learn from their past mistakes and begin to build the kind of coalition that can compete for power in the future.

First, the baseThe GOP’s electoral success has been largely due to its ability to reach out to voters outside of the mainstream.

Most importantly, it’s due to the GOPs ability to attract young, educated voters.

As of now, the median age of a voter is 29, which is about the age when most Americans first started voting.

A lot of the party’s successes have been built on the promise of getting young people to the polls.

But the party also has an ongoing problem with getting people to stay home and vote.

If the party wants to win elections, it needs to win the heart of the working-class white vote, which historically has been one of the most conservative demographic groups.

While there are some promising signs in the polls for the GOP, there is no denying that the party is struggling with this demographic in particular.

For example, white voters are significantly more likely to identify as independent than black voters are.

And they are less likely to be registered to vote.

Both of these demographics are key to the party winning elections.

So while the GOP could theoretically win elections with their core base, the party needs to get out of the way of the rest of the political landscape and reach out more to those voters.

That means reaching out to working- and middle-class whites, young people, and women.

The party needs a strategy that is more responsive to the needs of these groups.

And it needs a message that speaks to these groups, which in turn means reaching them.

What I’m trying to accomplish with this column are three main things.

First, I am trying to explain how the Republican base is shrinking.

I want people to understand the reasons behind the demographic decline that I see in the party.

Second, I will explain why I think the party must do a better job of recruiting and retaining young people.

Finally, I intend to outline a vision for the future of the GOP.

And the most important thing I can tell you about this future is that it will not be a post-racial Republican party.

The Republican party is not about electing a president or a president candidate.

It’s not about the preservation of a party that has historically been the party for the white working class.

When I write about this demographic shift, I do so in a way that helps the GOP maintain the power it has today.

That means keeping an eye on the next generation.

I hope I can help the GOP retain that power in this new political climate. Read More

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