How to make the best possible Tinder story

Three months ago, the social network was facing backlash from users for allowing users to create fake profiles in order to bypass its verification system.

But the latest blow comes as users start to notice a few issues with the company’s dating app, which is now down for maintenance.

The company confirmed to VentureBeat that it is investigating the reports of issues with Tinder, but said the issue is being resolved.

In a blog post, a Tinder spokesperson said, “The issue is temporary, but we appreciate your patience as we work through the issue.”

Tinder has been hit with backlash in the past, particularly for its controversial dating apps.

After users were told to “check out” their profiles by saying “hello” or “hello,” the company was criticized for its lack of a privacy policy.

Tinder’s first official update, for example, stated that users could only create one profile for each person they are “in a relationship with.”

In October, the company announced that it was launching a new feature called “Tinder for Life” that would allow users to stay connected with each other for up to 30 days.

Tinder for Life is only available to users who have been with the app for at least two months, but the company is working on a permanent solution.

In November, Tinder updated its privacy policy to add a section that allows users to choose whether to keep their personal information private or share it with third parties.

Tinder will soon offer the option to remove profiles from its app altogether.

Tinder also said it was expanding its dating app features.

Tinder is now offering “real-time conversation” to its users.

Tinder users can now request “random conversation” and then respond to a request from the other person via a simple text message.

The feature is only accessible to users in the United States.

Tinders users can also now add friends and invite new ones to their accounts.

Tinder also added a feature to allow users of its app to see their current date, their current location and their current status.

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