‘I’m so happy that my child is OK’: Csu’s Quinn public relations crisis begins

Csu Public Relations Department has had to close its doors after a crisis in which its former president, Quinn, was forced to resign.

Quinn’s former deputy, James Wainwright, resigned from the department after being accused of sexual harassment and misconduct.

He has since been fired.

Quinlan Wainwrights resignation was confirmed by Csu head of public relations Peter Rau on Twitter.

Rau also confirmed that the university has also suspended two of its faculty.

Csu Public relations department has had its doors to public offices and services closed.

We are now working to ensure our communications are as transparent as possible, and as soon as possible to reinstate Quinn.

pic.twitter.com/7LpVyV8YfH — Peter RAU (@PeterRau_Csu) February 24, 2021In a statement on Twitter, Csu said it was “deeply saddened and disappointed” by Wainwyler’s resignation.

“We deeply appreciate and respect the courage and integrity of our former president James Wains resignation from Csu, and have been in close contact with him as well as his family,” it said.

“Csu will continue to work to build its communications and partnerships with universities across the country, and we will continue our efforts to improve the quality of its work.”

Csu’s Public Relations Director, Peter Rait, said the school had also suspended all of its employees from social media.

“This was the first and most recent in a series of significant changes that took place at the university,” he said.

“This is a time of change and we expect that it will take some time for things to settle down and that it is important to take stock of where we are as a university.”

He said the university had begun an internal review into the behaviour of the university’s three senior public relations managers.

“Our internal review is being conducted with the full support of our external review committee and we are in the process of sharing our findings and recommendations with them,” he wrote.

“These findings and actions will be taken in the coming weeks, and will be reviewed by the board of governors in the context of any subsequent reviews.”CSU has also launched a review into how its external relations department was run.

“The university is working to create a stronger culture of transparency, collaboration and collaboration among all levels of the organisation,” he added.

“It will be important to remember that, while our internal review has identified some areas that need to be improved, the University of Csu will also take this opportunity to seek a stronger response from the external review process.”

The University of Canterbury is currently embroiled in a crisis after its president, Professor Stephen Hall, resigned following an investigation into sexual harassment claims.

Hall was suspended from his post by CSU in January following an allegation of sexual misconduct by a female student.

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