‘It’s not a good idea’: A new anti-corruption campaign in the country

New Delhi: The Bharatiya Janata Party government in India has announced a campaign against corruption, with a new “anti-corruption” committee being set up in the National Democratic Alliance government in the run up to the general elections in 2019.

A senior government official told Reuters news agency the committee will “be formed by the Chief Minister to implement the Government’s vision to tackle corruption”.

“This is a new initiative to fight corruption,” the official said.

“We are not the only country to have an anti-graft committee and we will not be the last.”

The NDA is seeking to consolidate its position as India’s largest opposition party, ahead of the 2019 general elections.

Opposition parties in India are currently in the midst of a protracted political crisis and have been struggling to win votes in the general election, which is scheduled for March.

The new anti‑graft campaign comes after a series of graft scandals involving high-profile politicians and public servants, which have engulfed the NDA government.

The government has already announced that it is to appoint a panel to investigate graft in the NPA government.

In March, the National Green Tribunal (NGT) said it had found evidence of bribery by the then chief minister, who was later removed from office.

Opposition leaders have demanded the removal of the NHAI government, which was headed by Mr Modi, who took office in 2014.

The National Democratic Front of India (NDFI) was also the subject of a corruption probe.

The opposition has accused the government of using a new law to bypass parliament to carry out the investigations, which are being carried out by a special prosecutor.

The NHAi government, headed by a party that is led by Mr Vajpayee, has been criticised by human rights groups for its perceived reluctance to tackle graft.

The current government has not yet responded to the allegations, although the National High Court recently ruled that it was “clearly not bound by the court’s decision”.

The Supreme Court, however, is currently considering whether the NHEI government can be declared unconstitutional by appealing to it.

The Supreme Judicial Tribunal has ruled against Mr Vajcarey’s government, but has not ruled on the NDFI government’s challenge to the Supreme Court’s decision.

In a statement, Mr Vajprasad Yadav, NHA, said the government will continue to fight against corruption and will “never bow down to the opposition”.

“We will continue our fight and fight for justice for the poor, who deserve to have fair and transparent government,” he said.

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