Obama administration’s war on climate change is ‘a war on American workers’

By ROBERT B. STEWARTWASHINGTON — As the president prepares to unveil his national climate action plan, it is not only Republicans who will be seeking to distance themselves from the president’s climate plan.

The administration is also seeking to court the support of businesses that depend on federal subsidies to help offset some of the costs of climate change.

In recent days, Trump has been highlighting a plan to eliminate the $4.7 billion in subsidies that companies receive through the Clean Power Plan, which aims to cut greenhouse gas emissions from power plants by 28 percent below 2005 levels by 2025.

The move is seen by many industry advocates as an attempt to weaken the Clean Energy and Security Act, which was passed by Congress last year to address global warming.

Under the act, companies are allowed to purchase energy-efficiency and carbon-capture technology that could help them reduce greenhouse gas pollution.

The White House has been touting the plan as an important step toward meeting the nation’s commitments under the Paris agreement to limit global warming to no more than 2 degrees Celsius.

But many in the business community say that while the Clean energy and Security act is good for the economy, it would hurt many American workers.

The Clean Energy Industry Association, a trade group, issued a report this week highlighting the negative effects of the act on business, saying that it would cause significant costs to companies, including lost revenue and reduced business confidence.

The association said that more than 1,000 U.S. manufacturing plants are scheduled to close as a result of the Clean power Plan, including more than 200 in states that have a strong business climate.

“The administration’s climate action plans will hurt American businesses, and businesses that rely on these federal subsidies will have little choice but to shift jobs to other nations or to other countries with low climate commitments,” said Steve Ellis, the group’s president and CEO.

Trump has been meeting with the CEOs of several coal-mining companies, telling them that the president has made clear he believes in their ability to find new markets.

The president also wants to use the Clean Electricity Innovation Act, a $1.5 trillion law that is expected to help the U.N. fight climate change, to help those industries.

The Clean Power plan is aimed at cutting emissions from coal-fired power plants.

Trump’s climate policy announcement comes after the president announced that he would slash the EPA’s budget by 50 percent and that he was withdrawing from the Paris climate accord.

The EPA has been one of the leading voices in pushing back against the president, and Trump has repeatedly called the agency an outlier that is out of touch with the nation.

The administration has also said it will cut funding for other agencies.

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