Poll: Which is better for bees?

In a poll published on reddit on Wednesday, users asked if bees could benefit from genetically modified organisms (GMOs) such as Bt cotton and canola, or the herbicide Roundup.

In the poll, over 6,000 users answered the question.

Of those, 1,000 said they would vote for Bt Cotton, 1.5% of the total.

Over half (55%) of those surveyed said they wanted GMOs in their food.

Over three quarters (73%) said they had not heard of Bt crops.

However, over half (52%) of the poll respondents also said they were against GMO corn, the primary crop for Bts cotton, as well as Monsanto’s herbicide, Roundup.

“We are a democracy, and a vote for a company that is not trustworthy is a vote to make your life miserable,” one user wrote.

“What is the point of buying products that are not in your own interest?

And that are going to harm others and the environment?

It is time for a change.”

Another user wrote that the poll is just a “small taste of what we need to see before we make any major changes in our food supply.”

“We need to get rid of GMO foods and crops,” another user wrote in the poll.

“There is nothing wrong with using them to grow food but we need a clear and independent statement that GMO crops are not safe.”

More than one million comments were submitted in the thread, and some users expressed concern about the poll’s validity.

“I believe this poll is not representative of the people of Seattle,” one respondent wrote.

“I am not going to buy organic products in the near future.

This poll is based on lies, misinformation, and misinformation.”

Other users expressed their concerns about the results.

“It is time we have a public debate over the safety and safety of GMOs.

We need to make sure the food we eat is safe to eat,” one wrote.

Another user suggested a new poll to find out if the public will want to buy more Bt varieties.

“Would you rather eat a GM plant that has a high level of toxicity or a plant that is safe?,” the user wrote, adding that the public needs to be told the truth.

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