What do you do when you’re in the middle of a debate with a team? – Sport.co.uk

Public relations duties are a bit of a grey area in football, with the FA having to deal with players’ behaviour during matches.

But, in the case of the Manchester United players, there is a real danger that it will be difficult to get them to agree to an official apology for their actions at the end of the match.

In this week’s edition of TalkSport, Sport.com.au’s sports editor David King tackles the issue, including whether players could be fined for the act of ‘bullying’ in the 90th minute of Manchester United’s 1-1 draw with Tottenham Hotspur on Sunday.

What do you know about the rules of football?

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A video showing a United player calling for an official to ‘kick it out’ was posted on Twitter.

The FA have said it would investigate, while speaking to the BBC, a player said: ‘I think we’ve all had bad experiences with players, you know what I mean?”

The only thing I can think of is maybe he’s a bit drunk and that’s what’s going to happen.’

But, at the moment, I’m not sure.’

Did the players’ manager, Jose Mourinho, agree with the words spoken by the player?

The FA are not commenting on the case, but it is not the first time that the issue of players being punished has been raised.

Last week, it was reported that former England boss Mourinho was ‘not prepared’ to accept that the United players were responsible for the incident.

Mourinho, who took over as manager from Sir Alex Ferguson at the start of the season, said in an interview with The Sun newspaper: ‘We have to be respectful of other teams.

We are not going to take responsibility for everything that happens.’

However, he added: ‘If a player doesn’t behave in a professional way, then he is not a professional footballer.’

I have the utmost respect for our players, I know how hard they work and how much they work.’

It’s not for me to say how much you need to be a professional or how much work you need.’

The game is a team game.

You cannot say: ‘It’s the players you have to deal in this way or it’s the coaches’.’

I’ve never said: “It’s them, it’s me.”‘

I’d rather have the right players and the right coaches.’

We will have to talk about this.

It will be a discussion.’

Does that mean a ban would be in the offing?

Yes, the FA could impose a sanction, as they did when they fined the Manchester City players who led to the end-of-game tussle in 2014.

However, it is difficult to imagine that a suspension would be handed down immediately.

It could take until the end at the earliest, with disciplinary procedures taking time to be decided.

What else can be done to tackle this issue?

The issue has been in the spotlight this season, with many clubs looking to implement a crackdown on the use of social media and social media abuse.

Many clubs have set up social media accounts and made it easier for fans to report players, while some have launched initiatives to curb the use and abuse of social platforms.

However it has also been suggested that there could be some form of sanctions for players who use social media.

Sports Minister Matt Canavan has promised to introduce legislation to introduce penalties for players involved in the ‘bullish, abusive or insulting’ behaviour of other players.

He has also said he would be looking to increase the fines handed out by the FA for misconduct.

However he said he did not think the issue would be tackled on a national scale.’

No, it would be difficult.

The FA are dealing with other issues,’ Canavan said.

‘The issue is not going on national stage.

We have a problem with this.

But it’s a problem that needs to be dealt with on a local basis.’

What else has been reported?

What has been said: ‘It has been an amazing experience and it was really great to be in Manchester again,’ said England striker Danny Welbeck, who was involved in both Manchester United and Tottenham’s goals. 

‘To be in that position to score goals like that in that match, I was so proud and I couldn’t be more pleased to be back in the Premier League.’

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