What you need to know about the nhl ‘public relations crisis’

What is the nHL ‘public PR crisis’?

There are two kinds of public relations crises in hockey.

The first involves issues that have already been addressed and can be dealt with quickly, such as the recent lockout, the NHL Players’ Association’s decision to allow players to play on Sundays and the lockout.

The second is more complex and involves issues where there is more ongoing concern, such in regards to player welfare, player safety and how players are treated.

It is not a new issue.

The NHLPA is now negotiating a new collective bargaining agreement with the players, and a lockout has been averted with a collective bargaining deal that includes an increase in the salary cap.

The players have asked for $7 billion in salary cap relief, which the NHLPA has said it would not allow.

Hockey’s public relations crisis has also seen the release of an unprecedented video of the infamous ‘sock-puppet’ of former Edmonton Oilers star Derek Dorsett.

It was posted online by an account with the username of ‘NHL ‘Puckhead’, a nickname used by the player and fans who were not aware that the video was fake.

It appeared to show the former player making comments about the media, the media’s coverage of the lockout and the players’ actions.

While the original video is still being discussed in social media, many have suggested it was a hoax and that the player’s comments were not in context.

In an attempt to clear the air, the players have released a video of their own, in which they can be seen making their point.

But the problem with that video is that it does not make it clear that the players are saying what the video says, nor does it address the question of what happened in the video and the reaction of the media.

That is where the NHL’s public PR crisis comes in.

The public PR controversy began in early June when the NHL issued a statement stating that it would allow players and their representatives to make statements about the lockout without being asked.

In the video, players can be heard saying that the media is being too hard on the players and that they should focus on winning.

It seems the players believed this was a statement from the league, but it is not.

The issue was not a lack of understanding of the league’s stance on the lockout, or a lack in understanding of what it means to ‘win’.

The NHL’s position was that the lockout was not being discussed.

The problem is that the league was not actually saying anything.

It simply wanted the players to make their statement without any explanation of what the players had done or how they had done it.

It’s a tricky position, and one that the NHL has had to navigate for quite some time.

The league has struggled with a number of issues, and it is clear that many players are feeling that they are being asked to make a statement without being given any clear guidance on what the statement should be.

The most obvious issue is that, as a public entity, the league has to be able to say what it is going to do and what it does mean.

It has been the responsibility of the players themselves to tell the players that they can’t talk about the matter, and the media has not always been receptive to the players.

The union also has to explain the difference between what is meant by ‘playoff hockey’ and regular hockey, which has resulted in players being asked if they would like to play in the playoffs.

The lack of clarity on these questions has resulted not only in players saying they are unwilling to discuss their issues, but also in players and the union not being able to reach a consensus on how best to deal with the issues.

The situation has made the NHL difficult to work with in the media and on social media.

As a result, the union has become a media-savvy, albeit not very well-funded, organisation that has often been seen in its own words rather than its actions.

It must work within the parameters of its contract to make sure that it gets the best possible results from the lockout while maintaining the integrity of the game and its fans.

This has caused a lot of frustration among players, who have not been consulted about what they are doing.

This is especially true for the players who are in a position of power and influence, and they are not happy with the lack of input from the union and its representatives.

The team owners have also been seen to be in the dark about the issues surrounding the lockout: the players haven’t been consulted on any of the decisions made during the lockout that affect their team.

The lockout is not an isolated incident, as the players will likely be faced with a similar situation during the upcoming season.

But because of the way in which the media covers sports, the perception of the NHL is changing.

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