What’s next for the ABEC group

Apple has announced it is moving forward with its plans to create a new public relations agency and it has announced plans to develop a new business group, which will be the first of its kind in the world.

Apple is developing the new PR group, the public affairs arm of Apple.

The new group will have a focus on its media brand, which is Apple’s primary commercial platform.

Apple has been in talks with a number of media firms, including The Associated Press, Reuters and the BBC, but has yet to decide whether it will take a public position on the subject of the industry.

Apple chief executive Tim Cook said the PR group would be an important “part of our strategic vision for Apple”.

“Apple is an innovator and a leader in the technology industry.

This new group of leaders will help us continue to grow our company through innovation, and be a strong supporter of our customers, employees and communities,” Cook said in a statement.

Apple’s new PR team will be led by Craig Federighi, who was appointed in October.

Federigho is an experienced PR executive and will be tasked with recruiting and retaining top talent, according to a statement from the company.

“Craig is a strong advocate for Apple and its products, and will help lead the new public affairs group, helping us grow Apple through innovation and creating a more diverse, open and accountable public face for Apple,” the statement said.

Apple said it would work with a range of partners and stakeholders to create the PR agency, including Apple, Microsoft, Adobe, Google, Apple Retail, Apple Authorized Resellers, AppleCare and Apple Education.

Apple said the group would work to expand the reach of its brand through digital advertising and product placements, and would be a leading player in online advertising and social media.

“Apple and our partners are investing in PR, so we’ll be investing in the right people to help drive the right messages, and to build the right brands, Apple said in the statement.”

This will allow us to help deliver the best experience to our customers and our community, and make sure that they get the right products and services for their time, as well as their money,” it added.

The move to create an PR group follows a shake-up of Apple’s PR team that began in March, with Federighos departure and Apple adding David Smith as head of PR.

Apple also announced it was hiring a new executive to lead its international communications team.

Mark Schleifel, who previously headed Apple’s digital marketing team, will take on the role of managing director of digital.

Schleife, who is based in Germany, is responsible for global communications strategy and global digital partnerships.

Schlichter, who has worked for Apple in digital, will work with Apple’s marketing and brand teams.

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