When the public goes dark, the public can be protected

A new law in Oregon requires the state to protect public relations employees who are involved in public relations.

It is the first time a federal law has been used to protect a public relations worker in Oregon.

Public relations professionals who are working for a state or local government are now required to report their work to the public relations department for review and approval, according to the Oregonian.

This includes public relations workers who work on state and local campaigns, and public relations professionals that are working on national campaigns.

Public affairs professionals also need to report any conflicts of interest or improper work conduct with public officials, according the Oregon State Public Relations Law.

The Oregonian reported that state and federal law enforcement and public affairs agencies have asked public relations agencies to investigate the ethics of public relations officers.

The Oregon Public Relations Act does not require public relations firms to have ethics guidelines, but they must follow a list of ethical guidelines that states consider when deciding whether or not to hire a public affairs professional.

The new law does not apply to state or federal public relations directors.

A spokesperson for the state’s public relations board said that the law does “not affect the state board’s ability to hire, promote, fire, or demote a public communication specialist or public relations professional.”

A spokeswoman for the Oregon Department of Transportation, which regulates public relations in Oregon, said the department is “reviewing the Oregon Public Public Relations Commission’s recent actions regarding this issue.”

Oregon’s new law, signed into law by Gov.

Kate Brown on Wednesday, requires the Oregonians public relations agency to submit a public communications plan to the state every five years.

The plan must include the names and email addresses of the public affairs professionals who have worked for the agency and the reason why they are working with the state.

The state also must submit a report of all personnel actions against the public communications professionals to the secretary of state every six months.

A public relations expert who worked on a campaign for the governor said that she believes the new law is a “major step in ensuring that the public gets to know who the public is working for, and how the state handles its relationship with the public.”

“It is important for the public to know that our public relations team is not above the law,” she said.

“We need to be accountable to the people we serve, and the public deserves that.”ABC News’ Katie Mettler contributed to this report.

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