Which NFL teams are taking the most aggressive approach to Twitter?

The Miami Dolphins and New England Patriots have both started to go after Twitter after its owner, Dan Snyder, said he was going to shut it down.

The Patriots, the league’s official Twitter account, responded to Snyder’s comments by asking him to stay away from Twitter.

The Dolphins responded to their owner by going after the Twitter accounts of two of the team’s players.

Miami linebacker Jelani Jenkins, who was recently released by the team, tweeted on Monday that he was “going to make sure I stay on the front lines with @Patriots, no matter what.”

The Patriots responded by tweeting, “Jelani’s not the only one.”

Jenkins’ tweets drew more attention to the league and its players, and they received a wave of backlash from fans and media.

The league and the teams have since patched up their Twitter exchanges.

The NFL said it was taking the issue seriously.

“As a league we take this issue seriously and will continue to work with our players to help them understand how to communicate with each other,” the league said in a statement.

The teams have been accused of being too quick to jump on the bandwagon, though the league has said the players have been using the platform to promote their own brands and businesses.

Jenkins, who is listed as a Dolphins fan on Twitter, also responded to a fan that suggested he was a “jail breaker.”

Jenks responded, “I’m a jail breaker,” according to a screenshot of the tweet that was obtained by the Associated Press.

The tweets sparked outrage and speculation that Jenkins was using Twitter to promote his personal brand and business.

Jenks’ tweets came after the Dolphins signed defensive end Julius Peppers to a three-year, $24 million deal.

The team’s other top free agent signing, tight end Dion Sims, has not played in a game because of a neck injury.

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