Why is the public relations company of Rotherham grooming girls a public relations firm?

Rotherhampshire Council have announced a £40,000 fund for public relations companies to help with the ongoing investigations into child sexual exploitation.

In a statement released on Wednesday, Rotherhill Borough Council said the £40 million will be spent by the Rothernham Foundation and Rotherhall Media.

The Rothersons council said the fund will be used to support organisations working to improve public understanding of child abuse, including child protection groups and local charities, as well as the R&D of the RSC’s child welfare team.

It is hoped the funds will be able to increase awareness about the issue in Rothershampshire and help with future prosecutions.

Rotherham Borough Council added that the council would work with other organisations to help promote the importance of child safety and support victims.

The council said: “Rotherhams Council is determined to ensure the safeguarding of all children in our borough is ensured.

We have already invested £1.2m in new technology, including technology to record and analyse CCTV images of sexual exploitation and child abuse and the development of a new ‘Rotherhall Police’ unit.”

Rotherborough has made a number of efforts to prevent this from happening again, including setting up an independent review of all child safeguarding and support decisions made by local authorities.

“We are also committed to making Rothermands Borough Council an active member of the NSPCC’s Safe Schools campaign and supporting the Nuffield Trusts ‘Safe Schools’ project, which provides support to schools across the UK.”This new £40m investment is the largest investment ever made by the council and the largest ever in child safeguard and support.

“It will provide support to organisations working with victims of child sexual abuse, with the support of local and national experts, including the NURSE who will be responsible for reviewing these decisions.” 

Rothermandre said:”We have already made a significant investment in technology to tackle child exploitation and we are working hard to ensure that all of our children are protected from sexual exploitation.”

The council added that it would continue to invest in public relations in the borough, as a means of improving public awareness and understanding of the problem.

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