Why we need a ‘good government’ for health care

By John O’Sullivan The Globe and Mail The Liberals are making the same mistakes that the Conservatives did for years, with their “health-care” promises.

The new Conservative government has been re-elected with a mandate to implement the same policies, with a new health-care plan to deliver them.

But in the past, the Liberals have tried to claim credit for what the Conservatives were not doing, like the Liberals did when they first proposed the national plan to provide health care coverage for the elderly, including by reducing the number of people who could be enrolled.

The Liberals, of course, have no mandate for the plan, and they haven’t delivered on their promise to eliminate the prescription drug benefit that the federal government uses to help fund private health insurance.

The Liberal health-policy plan, the NDP’s plan, is more progressive, but not a single one of the five NDP MPs who have said they will vote for it said they would vote for the Liberals plan.

The NDP, who are in a minority government, did win the support of three of the 10 Liberals who are running for re-election.

But, even though the Liberals are winning support, they are not delivering on their promises to deliver on the Liberals’ promise to reduce the prescription-drug benefit.

That is, they will not reduce the drug benefit.

This is where the Conservatives can draw a contrast with the Liberals, who say they are taking a principled stand against the Conservatives’ prescription- drug cuts.

The Conservatives are trying to claim they are the only party that is committed to reducing the drug-benefit program.

But if the Conservatives are the party of the middle class, they have no intention of reducing the benefit of the program, even if it means that people who can’t afford private health care, or the elderly who can, will be able to get insurance through the program.

The Tories have said the NDP plan would increase costs for middle-class families and those who cannot afford private insurance, by capping benefits at $15,000 for the lowest-income families and $20,000 in the top-income group.

They say that would lead to premiums rising to cover the costs of the cuts, which would mean that middle- and upper-income earners would be paying more for health insurance in the long run.

They also say that if the plan was to be implemented, it would be necessary to increase premiums on people in higher income brackets, because the cost of premiums would go up for everyone.

But there is little support for either of these positions from the Liberal MPs.

The two most likely choices for Liberal MPs are John McKay and Peter Julian, who represent Toronto-Danforth and Scarborough-Rouge River ridings.

Julian, a former Liberal cabinet minister and now a Liberal MP, says that he supports the Liberals and believes they are doing a good job on health- care.

McKay, a retired Liberal MP and an MP for the riding of Toronto Centre, is one of several Liberal MPs who voted against the Conservative plan to cut the benefit, saying it would increase premiums for middle class families.

But he said he supports lowering the benefit to keep it competitive.

“That is a matter of fairness, and it’s not fair to the middle-income Canadians who are paying a disproportionate share of the cost,” he said.

McKay says he is also a staunch supporter of the Conservatives.

“I think they should be able take the benefits they want, and that’s fine.

I think the Conservatives should be responsible for the costs,” he told The Canadian Press.

“The Liberals have been consistent.

They have said we want to reduce costs, we want people to get health care through the government-run health- insurance program, and we want those people to be able and able to afford it.”

The Conservatives have been inconsistent in that they have said, ‘Let’s lower the benefit and let’s see what happens with it, and if they don’t like it, we can go back to where we were.’

“And yet, we are having the same discussions with the Conservatives and, again, we have a very, very different strategy on how we do it.

And that is why I’m hopeful the Conservatives will be very serious in putting forward a very progressive plan to reduce drug benefits and keep it in the market.

And if they are serious about it, I think they can come back with a plan that works for the middle of the income and middle class.”

The Conservatives have said that the Liberals want to lower the drug benefits, but it is not clear how the Liberals would change their strategy.

A number of Conservative MPs are worried that the plan is not being implemented.

The Conservative MP, David Anderson, has called for the Conservatives to release the plan as soon as possible, saying the Liberals should have done so by the end of February.

Liberal MPs say they want to have a public debate about how the government should implement the plan.

Liberal MP Michael Harris said the Liberals “must deliver on their health-

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